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The SureSense range of water based foam control systems provide an efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution to foam control in a diverse collection of industries where the production and control of foam causes a problem.


Foam generation can cause a variety of expensive and time consuming problems. Excess foam can severely limit throughput of product in a process, there can be high cost implications in clearing up and loss of production should foam overflow, and there is a possibility of pollution and damage to equipment if the situation were to become critical. Whilst the addition of antifoam may solve the problem it is difficult to know when to add it to the process so it tends to be added in quantities based on maximum demand, which is not only extremely expensive but wasteful as well. The SureSense range allows for the accurate control of foam by sensing when the foam reaches an unacceptable level and then adding the antifoam agent as and when needed rather than continually. This not only increases the efficiency of the process it also saves money on expensive antifoam.


All Hycontrol Foam Control Systems benefit from the unique IMA Sensing technology which allows the sensor to continue functioning accurately even when fouled with residual foam or product, thus providing efficient operation with minimum maintenance. SureSense Foam Control Systems are in use around the world to effectively control water based foam in Biotech, Waste Water, Food Production, and Pharmaceutical, Sugar, Brewing and other similar applications.


Range: 0 - 6m

IMA Sensing: Yes

Maximum Temperature: 170ºC

ATEX option: Yes


Suitable for all water based foam applications

Proven technology

Efficient, microprocessor control

Unique IMA Sensing® technology ensures reliability

Cuts antifoam costs

Increases throughput by reducing downtime

Hygienic and steam-sterilisable sensors

Large range of fittings to suit all sizes and make of vessel

Range of enclosures; Wall, Rack, Bench top.

Suitable for use in hazardous areas

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