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Sonarflex Sludge Blanket Detection

The Sonarflex sludge blanket and interface controller is a microprocessor based transmitter combined with the appropriate RVS sonar transducer and its associated cleaning mechanism. It is programmed via an easy menu driven keypad or remotely via a PC. It is used to measure the blanket level in primary sedimentation tanks or the RAS Blanket and FLOC/FLUFF layers in secondary and final clarifiers.


The Sonarflex transmitter initiates a sound pulse from the transducer through the water towards the blanket interface to the bottom of the tank. The pulse is reflected off the blanket back to the Sonarflex where it is compensated for temperature. This provides either a distance reading to the blanket/interface level or a height of blanket/interface from the bottom of the tank. This unit is capable of tracking multiple bed layers and providing information on temperature, clarity and FLOC level simultaneously via a Profibus output.


This system allows automation and control of underflow pumps and significantly improves plant efficiency. Using the COMMS output option can also provide advanced warning of biological upsets. This important additional information allows operators to reduce chemical dosing and control aeration far more efficiently, which reduces energy consumption.


 Advanced warning of biological upsets

Improved control of process

Automate existing installations

Multiple transducer frequencies

Self cleaning mechanisms

Reduced energy costs


ATEX options for sludge blanket

Remote radio link options for setup

Measures a range of sludge densities


Measuring Range:0 - 60m


Maximum Temperature:90º

ATEX option:Yes

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