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Non-contact ultrasonic level measurement is one of the most versatile level measuring technologies available today but the introduction of the new MINIFLEX LR moves these boundaries even further into the next generation.


MINIFLEX LR with its wide range of transducers and advanced PULSE window echo tracking technology is capable of measuring virtually any liquid or solid and can be used in a wide range of industries from water and waste, to chemical and process, to quarry and aggregate. The programming is via a simple five button keypad situated behind an Ip65 protection front cover. The two line 16 digit display enables programming and configuration without the use of a manual by simply using a flow programming chart, reducing set-up time to a minimum.


Miniflex LR utilises automatic gain control to cater for changing vessel characteristics such as foam or agitation and to ensure the instrument always receives stable true echoes. Stirrers and agitators rotating in front of a conventional ultrasonic transducer will produce a signal indicating a higher product level within the tank however the Miniflex LR has advanced echo extraction routines. These will effectively blank out the stirrers so the correct level is always monitored providing reliable and stable output.



Level/Flow/Volume/Pump control

Advanced echo extraction

Chemical resistant transducers

5 button intuitive programming

Distance / Differential control

ATEX hazardous area approvals

16 digit two line LCD backlit display

Non-contact measurement principle

Displays level and ullage


Measuring Range: 0 - 10m

Accuracy: 0.25%

Temperature Range: -40ºC to +90ºC

ATEX option: Yes

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