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Volition Controls worked with a large ranch in Florida for the flowmeters they use for crop irrigation.  The ranch had been using propeller / turbine type flowmeters to measure irrigation water for many years.  These turbine style meters are mechanical and the ranch indicated that they normally fail after a few years of service.  It was mentioned that they can’t filter the water enough to prevent particulate from catching on the turbines and fouling the readings.  The turbine meters also require very large holes to be cut into the pipe.

Volition Controls quoted an ALIA model AMF100 insertion magnetic flowmeter with a model AMC4000 battery powered converter that has an LCD display for flow rate and total indication.

The state of Florida requires annual flow test audits of each flowmeter.  The ranch manager asked if Volition Controls could perform the audits for the ranch.  We offered the service and quoted our rates to them, but we also offered to sell them a meter that they could perform their own audits with.

They could purchase their own portable meter for similar cost of a few audits.

Volition Controls installed the insertion flowmeter by drilling a small 2” hole and adding a saddle with a nipple and coupling.


Once the insertion magnetic flowmeter was installed, we installed the ALIA model AUF600 portable meter they purchased for performing audits of all their meters


The installation and set-up time for both meters was about ~1.5 hours.  The totalizers of both meters were zeroed and the pump was turned on for a period of 10 minutes.  The pipe was empty at start-up.

At the end of the test period, the totalizer of the insertion meter read 18,334 Gallons and the clamp-on audit flowmeter read 18,554 Gallons.  This was a difference of 220 Gallons, or 1.19%.


The ranch was very pleased with the results and plan to purchase more in the future.

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