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HYCONTROL (Charis) IMA Foam Level Sensing Technology

Liquid level measurement can difficult if surface foam is present. Hycontrol sensors discriminate between residual deposits of foam and product that builds up on the sensor itself and the foam being created in the process.


The foam sensor ignores buildup fouling while continuing to monitor the foam. No matter how heavily the sensor is coated, or how dense and sticky the layer, its unique construction enable it to keep measuring foam throughout the process cycle.



• Water & Waste Water Treatment

• Digesters

• General food processing

• Starch production

• Yeast production

• Pharmaceuticals

• Vacuum cooling

• Flotation Cells

• Chemicals

• Paper

• Bio-fuels

• Brewing

• Biotech

• Sugar

Please see the following video to watch this product perfom:



• Maximum Sensitivity to Foaming

• Minimum Vulnerability to Fouling

• Reduce Anti Foam Use

• Increase Production

• Reduce Down Time

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