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One of the major challenges in performing bulk flow measurements has been how to do it accurately and with a minimum of maintenance costs, repair costs and downtime.


Belt weighers are applicable on a wide range of mechanical conveying systems such as:

- Belt conveyors

- Screw conveyors

- Chain conveyors

- Vibrating conveyors


Traditional bulk flow measurement meters revolve around contacting technologies using moving parts that can wear out and need replacement always, it seems at the most inconvenient times.  Many times these systems perform well but for a very short period.  Add to that problems caused by belt tension, counterweights and other problems associated with contacting technologies, the cost of maintaining and operating these systems can prove quite costly. Therefore, any efficiency in short term accuracy is far outweighed by maintenance and downtime costs.


The solution?   Berthold Technologies model LB 442 Radiometric Bulk Flow Meter.


The LB 442 is a non-contacting and non-intrusive meter using proven technology used by companies worldwide. Employing proven radiometric measurement technology, the LB 442 is not affected by any of the problems encountered with traditional contacting technologies.


As there are no moving parts to maintain or replace, downtime as well as maintenance and repair costs are dramatically reduced. Using highly sensitive scintillation based detectors along with low radiometric source sizes, the LB 442 offers outstanding performance coupled with a safe and secure equipment package.


As the LB442 is configured to be mounted around the conveyor and not be part of it, there is no need to replace moving parts or other components used by mechanical type scales.  The LB 442 is not affected by all the problems associated with contacting type scales.


The LB 442 comes in a number of different configurations to fit almost any bulk flow measurement application. Traditional belt conveyors in a variety of sizes can be accommodated.


Applications such as bucket conveyors, chain conveyors, and free fall applications--practically impossible to do by traditional mechanical contacting scales -- can be done with the LB 442.


Easy to use and set up with an easy-to-read evaluation unit, the LB 442 Radiometric Bulk Flow meter uses two way digital communications giving the operator a vehicle for detector diagnostics. A 4...20 mA output is standard as well as an easy to read 4 line LCD remote readout.


If you are tired of spending money on unnecessary downtime, maintenance and repair costs for your bulk flow measurement requirements, the LB 442 Radiometric Bulk Flow meter is the answer. It’s the choice of hundreds of companies who require accurate and repeatable measurements -- without the excessive downtime and repair costs of traditional mechanical scales. To download a brochure containing the LB 442 Radiometric Bulk Flow Meter, just click HERE

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