APT8000 Pressure Transmitter / Indicator

APT8000 Pressure Transmitter / Indicator

   The ALIA APT8000 series is a smart digital pressure transmitter designed for industrial pressure measurement applications.
   The APT8000 comes in configurations for gauge pressure, absolute pressure and vacuum including integrated solutions for industrial applications.

We stock the following two models for 24 hour shipment:

  • APT8000-G6NN-NNPN-NN (0...246PSIG, No HART Option)
  • APT8000-G6NN-NNPN-HT (0...246PSIG, With HART)


  • Two-Wire (9...36 VDC), 4...20mA connectivity with optional HART

  • Numerical Back-lit LCD display with bar graph

  • Select up to 22 standard engineering units

  • Simple Programming via push-buttons on LCD display, or optional HART

  • Measuring range:  Vacuum ... 4,640 PSIG

  • Accuracy: 0.075%

  • 1/2" NPT Connection

  • Explosion-Proof Housing with 1/2" NPT Electrical / Conduit Entry

  • Fast & Simple Button Press Zeroing Procedure.