Chase offers a variety of Filters, Strainers & Valves for air, gas, hydraulic fluid, engine lubricant, fuel, water and oxygen. With a wide variety of filters offered, we cover virtually any market ranging from cement, military, aerospace, fuels, chemicals, transportation, power generation, gas, manufacturers and general industry.

10 Series Spin-On Filters
  • 0...60,000 PSI

  • 50 GPM / 4000 SCFM

  • Various Micron Ratings Available

  • Various Porting Options Available

  • Stainless Steel & Aluminum

11 Series Spin-On Filters
12 Series Spin-On Filters
13 Series Modular Line Type Spin-On Filters
14 Series Tank Filters
15 Series Filter Disks
21 Series Mini In-Line Filters
22 Series Mini In-Line Filters
23 Series Mini In-Line Filters
31 Series In-Line Filters
41 Series Mini Tee-Type Filters
51 Series Tee-Type Filters
52 Series Tee-Type Filters
56 Series Tee-Type Filters

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Products